Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Psychic Blood Hound

Originally Intended From Issue #2 
Of Spirit World Here's A Jack Kirby 
Classic 'The Psychic Blood Hound' 
From 'Forbidden Tales Of 
The Dark Mansion' #6!



  1. There were three other leftover Spirit World stories, "Horoscope Phenomenon", "ToxL,The World Killer", and "The Burners". They were included in the hardcover collection published in 2012. This was one area where I thought Colletta's more arcane style fit much better than did Royer's. And in a real classless move the hardcover volume included bios for Kirby and Royer, but not Colletta.

  2. Colletta inks were very nice on these Spirit World stories I agree. Were the other three stories reprinted in the DC mystery books?

  3. Just two of them, including one that had a Berni Wrightson drawn character "Destiny" introducing the story.