Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Visitors

And Now Here's Another Visit
To The Ghost Manor With Art
In This Issue By Steve Ditko,
Wayne Howard , Sanho Kim
And Don Newton.


  1. Yet another Charlton gem! Charlton turned out some great stuff.

    Ghost Office gave us a glimpse into the inner workings of charlton, or at least Steve Ditko's desire to ink his own work.

    The Visitors was a 1950's B Sci-fi movie in comic form. Only in a comic/movie would the officers accept at face value the call from the officer in the swamp ("Creatures from space? You know full well this is a dry county Noah.")

    Ditko's Self Portrait was a neat tale even if only one panel featured the gargoyles flying around in the cave.

    Lasty but by no means least is Sanho Kim's work in the first story. Kim's style stood out in Charlton tales, it could be considered the earliest traces of Manga featured in a US comic.

    Critics can turn their noses up whenever Charlton is mentioned, but no one could turn out interesting and fun comics like Charlton could.

  2. Yeah that's an interesting point about Sanho Kim and manga influences in American comics. He was not the first Asian artist in amerian comics but he made an impact and did lots of work for Charlton starting in the later 60's.