Monday, January 8, 2018

Uncle Creepy

Forgot That Uncle Creepy
Actually Starred In One
Of His Tales. Here's Where
Satan Dwells With Art By
Sal Trapani From Issue #39
Of Creepy.



  1. It's always pretty neat when the horror host gets his or her own adventure to partake in. This one is a bit weird near the end as Uncle Creepy starts to regret his wish to end up inside a horror story--not to mention that there's not much of an explanation as to what the heck is going on plot wise inside the book he's been drawn into.

  2. Maybe Uncle Creepy was envious of Cain from House of Mystery who appeared in one of his stories as a minor character titled 'Turner's Treasure'.
    He might have even been jealous of Charlton's Dr. Graves, Colonel Whiteshroud, Professor Coffin and Arachne in Midnight Tales, Winnie the Witch in 'The Man Who Refused To Die', Mr. Bones in 'The Empty Room' and 'Bones', or Mr. Dedd in Music of Murder.

    (I'm a Charlton fan through and through) Thank you for all these posts, Charlton comics or other great magazines or comic publishers.

  3. Well since Vampirella was a continuing character in her books I guess Warren thought to give old Uncle Creepy a shot. Uncle Creepy did have an origin story in an earlier issue. I believe the story was called Monster Rally.

  4. Indeed, it was Monster Rally, which in turn the last shot is a tribute to the Cryptkeeper's own origin story "Lower Berth" in which he is the son of an Egyptian mummy and the preserved corpse of a two headed man.