Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Creature Feature Classics:The Brain That Wouldn't Die

It's really great when Turner “Classic” Movies plays a real classic. And a couple of months ago they served up the unbelievably “classic” The Brain That Wouldn't Die. Now for those uninitiated with this movie let's just say it's one of the best  Creature Feature's of the 60's!!

The story goes like this: a "mad" surgeon (Jason Evers) and his girlfriend are riding around in his sportscar when they have an accident. He survives the crash but she is decapitated. Of course the doctor decides to keep his gal's head alive while looking for a new body for her. Now if you were looking for a new bod for your gal where would you look? A strip club thats were!!! But before the doc hits the clubs he is seen around town trolling for some good looking gals for his experiment. He has no luck  with the neighborhood hotties though because it seems like everybody in town recognizes him while he's on the make.

Needless to say things dont turn out right for the Doc in the end. The grlfriend (Virgina Leith) his disfigured assistant (Les Daniels) and of course the pinheaded monster (Eddie Carmel) in the closet screw things up pretty good in the grand finale!

I must admit when I was a kid and saw this movie on the late night horror show it did scare me. Of course this was back in 1968. There are memorable creepy scenes in this movie no doubt. But the sleaziness of the doctors antics the over the top acting and the low budget effects will make this movie more of a goofy guilty pleasure than anything else (especially if you've had a few beers).

TCM recently showed 'Brain” letterboxed. All the prints I have seen before are full screen so thats one reason the check out this version when it plays again. Also I hear there's a new DVD coming out with a previously deleted scene! It's not available yet but we will keep you posted.

So if you're looking for some old school B-movie horror I strongly recommend The Brain That Wouldn't Die and maybe even The Frozen Dead (which is finally out on Warner Archives) as a sort of decapitated double Creature Feature?!!


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