Saturday, August 17, 2013

Podcast 4: Retro TV

In This Podcast Don And Dr Morbius Talk 
About The Good Old Days Of Local TV 
When You Only Had 4 Or 5 Channels 
But That Was Alright. Kids Show, 
Horror Hosts, The Late Late Shows, 
Local News, The Advent Of Cable TV
And More Are Discussed!!

Charlie Baxter As MT Graves
The Great Miami Horror Host

Charlie Baxter And 
Toby The Robot

From Oklahoma 
Don's Horror Host
Count Gregore

From Tampa Dr Paul Bearer

And Don's Local 
Kid's Show Host 
Ho Ho The Clown

In Miami We Had 
Jumping Jack O'Brien

Skipper Chuck's
Popeye Playhouse

And Banjo Billy

Late Night TV Hosts
Big Wilson

And The Sardonic Dave Dixon

Some Local Channels
From back In The Day


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