Saturday, May 16, 2015

Captain Marvel And Tinyman

And Now It's Superhero
Time With Captain Marvel!
It's Not The Captain Marvel
You Might Be Familiar With But A
Different Character From The 
1960's. This Captain Marvel
 Was Created By  Carl Burgos,  
Drawn By Carl Hubbell 
And Published By 
Myron Fass In 1966!



  1. Oh man, what a wild crazy tale!

    It has the bat guano craziness of a 30's comic, full of energy and over the top zaniness- an evil batman, a knockoff of the atom who becomes a lawyer and a guy who can go to pieces at will- I doubt even the best underground artist of the sixties or seventies could outdo the zaniness of this comic.

  2. One of the oddest, coolest books ever it's right up there with those crazy Dell comics Monster/Superhero books of the same era!