Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Banshee Bride Of Ballybrooke

With Art By Win Mortimer
Here's Another Cool
Ghostly Tale The Banshee 
Bride Of Ballybrooke 
From Issue #84 Of Ghosts.



  1. I feel really bad for our protagonist in this tale. He's not a jerk, or anything like his ancestor, but he's still a victim of a curse due simply because of his lineage.
    Curses really should come with loopholes if you ask me...

  2. An interesting tale with great art from Win Mortimer.
    Maybe If our protagonist hadn't been so nosy maybe he would have survived.

  3. Changing a family name to escape a sinister past was used not only in comics but also in Literature.
    From H P Lovecraft's 'The Rats in the Walls' the main character discovers that his family name of Delapores was originally de la Poer, and his ancestors had good reason for changing their name and leaving their old homestead.

    This story is part of the reason I don't wish to learn too much about my own family history, I feel its probably best to leave the skeletons lie.

  4. That's a great Lovecraft story I think there was a comic book adaptation.

    Not the same thing but I remember a Dracula movie where the Count changed his named to Alucard.
    I think the movie was Son Of Dracula starring Lon Chaney Jr.

    1. I remember seeing that movie.
      Lon did a good job as The Count, but as great an actor as Chaney was, no one could ever top Bela Lugosi as Dracula, though Christopher Lee left his own mark on the role.

  5. Here's an interesting take on Son Of Dracula

    And another Son Of Dracula