Friday, May 27, 2016


Back In The Late 1950's
 A Package Of Films Was 
Sold To TV Stations Around The 
Country Called 'Shock'
Or Shock Theater. Shock Was 
52 Pre-1948 Horror And Mystery
Films From Universal Studios 
Syndicated For Television By 
Screen Gems In 1957. 
Here's The Pressbook!



  1. The sales promotion and audience promotion gimmicks would work today if anyone wanted to promote a horror show. I wonder how many TV Stations went through with the gimmicks.

    The fifties through the nineties were a great time for fans of horror hosts. While the budgets in the production of horror host spots were as meager as some poverty row horror movies, they were till great to watch as a kid or teen.

    Thanks for posting this behind the scenes material that only TV managers would see. It is an aspect the horror fans might never have known about.

    1. Many of the big market television stations throughout the country bought the Shock package. This is how the Horror Host phenomenon started and Famous Monsters magazine too.