Friday, May 6, 2016

The Secret Of The Key

With Two Alex Toth Stories
And Two By Mike Sekowsky
Here's Classic Issue #4
Gold Key's Twilight Zone
From 1963.


  1. "The secret of the Key", "Experiment in Purple" and "The Captive" all could have been turned into Twilight Zone episodes, each had the type of twist that popped up from time to time in Rod Serling's stories.

    "The Ordeal of Bluebird 3" would have been a tough sell as a TV episode, the cost of special effects would have prevented it from being filmed.

    Four Twilight Zone tales well done, and I liked the one pager "the Trail of Tears" it is a reminder of a shameful chapter in American History that should never be forgotten.

  2. These early issue of The Twilight Zone were actually very good. The art and stories worked well.

    Here's an interesting low budget anthology film from 1973 with narration by Serling.