Thursday, February 9, 2017


Here's A Charlton
Double Creature Feature.
First Alex Toth's And Nick Cuti's 'Bookworm" Which Toth
Pulled From Publication 
Due To Conflicts With
 Charlton's Editorial Staff
And Was Later Published
In Monsters Attack #4.

And The Other Version Published 
In Beyond The Grave #15. Art
By Charles Nicholas And
Wayne Howard.


  1. Both versions of the tale are well done. I think I actually prefer the first version a little better with its moody black and whites although the second one does a great job making Abner Creasy transparent as well, love the panel near the end with only his clothes on the ground.

  2. The art by Toth was amazing on the first version. I'm glad it got to see print see he pulled it from Charlton over pay rates.