Saturday, February 11, 2017

Terror Of The Speedy Goat

Cool Goofy Horror From
The 50's Terror Of The Speedy
Goat From Mysterious 
Adventures #10. The Art Looks 
Like Tony Tallarico Might 
Have Been Involved.


  1. Well, the writer and artist certainly mixed up things for this story...
    Voodoo (not Voo-Doo) are rites practiced in the Caribbean area, not the jungles of South America.

    The little figurine looks like a satyr, a figure of Greek mythology, not exactly something you would find in the new world, and not something associated with Voodoo.

    The part about big business casting aside workers overseas (or even in the US) when they can no longer turn a profit for the company is all too true.

    Overall it was a good tale though a bit of background research would have made a good tale great.

  2. One more slip up from the story- Palau is not a tribe in South America but an Island in the Pacific.

  3. It was a fun story. The idea of a goat-man reminded me of the B-movie "Manos Hands of Fate".

  4. Can't find a credit for the writer but he definitely did not do his homework!