Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Pamela's Dolls

Winnie Wednesday Is Back
And We Got A Cool Tale 
From Ghostly Haunts #29  
"Pamela's Dolls" With Art 
By Warren Sattler.


  1. They really needed to interview their nannies better if you ask me. I'd be totally suspicious of the woman I was going to hire to take care of my (hypothetical) child if she dressed like the one in this story. That outfit practically cries "Witch"

  2. Bad parenting once again! They probably hired her on the cheap.

  3. I liked this one, even though the artist made Winnie look more than a little evil in this tale. Most of the time Winnie was drawn serious and occasionally playful, in this tale she looks more evil witch than I am used to seeing. I never saw this tale before so thank you for the great post.

    The story made me think of Tales From the Darkside episode titled "The Geezenstacks" an odd dollhouse where what happens to the doll house family happens to the family the dollhouse belongs to.

  4. I never watched "Tales From The Darkside" much back in the day but I will have to check out some episodes now.