Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Terrible Teenagers

Published In 1967 More 
Tales Of The Fantastic From 
Issue #1 Of "Gasp" From ACG
Comics. Art By Dick, Beck, 
Chick Stone And Sal Trapani.



  1. Oh my gosh, thanks for posting this. I always wanted to read the short lived "Gasp!" I think it was the last of the ACG comic line before it finally shut down. Of course, unlike most of it's other horror/sci fi comics--this series was not in public domain to read.

    The stories in here are fun though--the first one is unintentionally hilarious--especially with lines like "Holy Hambone!" and "Get back, you, you fugitives from a grade B movie!"
    Then the psychiatrist thinks he's high on LSD! XD! Why didn't the Professor get called over to help the poor guy out? Probably because they wrote this story to to warn us about those terrible teenagers! XD!

    The second story is eerie and awesome. Hazel sure liked collecting hot men in her well!

    The final story is actually my favorite of the three (although the second one is quite close)--gotta love the design of Satan in a business suit and the entire plot is brilliant!

  2. It was a fun book and I didn't know it was the last "Gasp" of the ACG line. I will be posting the other issues soon. I believe there were four issues.....

  3. There were four issues indeed. Yay that you will be posting them all!