Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Don't Help Me

Art By Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, 
Steve Ditko And Jose Delbo On
Issue #77 Of Ghostly Tales
Published By Charlton In 1977.



  1. The Yeti one is kind of cute--he even took a selfie of himself!
    The last one is the best though with the doctor being really calm and awesome as he literally gets rid of his patient's demons.

  2. This was a Charlton Grand Slam!

    All the stories were great, the look of the yeti just seemed to be what a yeti would look like if one were ever brought to civilization, The ghostly image on page four of The Copper Kettle was really well drawn, a white smoke like image with a black background really made the story, though it didn't have quite the impact on the cover. The last story, was Ditko at his best. "The man's brain opens into Satan's pit!" now there is a one liner for you. Even the text story was a fun read. I wonder what ever became of the Charlton-Marvel fan club...

    Thank you thank you thank you for posting this Charlton fifty karat gem of a comic!

    1. These were some strong tales from Charlton. I had not seen Garcia Lopez or Jose Delbo's work on Charlton horror before, The Ditko was very well done too. No info as to the writer of the tales but possibly Joe Gill's work.

  3. A very solid issue, fine early work by Garcia-Lopez.