Monday, July 31, 2017

Two Vials From Vidalia

More Adventures Into The
Unknown From Issue #168
With Art By Sal Trapani And
Chic Stone. Published By
ACG In 1966.


  1. Notice the 2nd letters page. Could the letter bt Tom DeHaven be from the same guy that authoered the novel, "It's Superman"/

  2. That's a great catch. I looked at Tom Dehaven's wikipedia page and he is from Bayonne NJ. as is the the letter writer so it seems to be the same guy.

  3. Man oh man, these were cheesy fun. At least in the first story, Hugo Blob now is famous and adored by everyone. After all, who doesn't love a monkey?
    The second tale is a reprint from "Out of the Night #12 originally titled "Out of the Past"
    That last story though... I'm so confused by how the heck that happened in the first place and nobody even noticed it! I did get a good laugh out of this line "Sometimes it pays to be dead...It makes it harder to be killed!" and that Nemesis caused Hitler to commit suicide.

    1. The first and last stories were incredibly surreal but entertaining in the usual ACG way. Nemesis was such a strange superhero!

    2. He was definitely strange alright. So strange that both him and Magicman are in this book:The League of Regrettable Superheroes: Half-Baked Heroes from Comic Book History. It's a book of short lived and downright bizarre superheroes.