Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sculptress Of Doom

More ACE Comic Greatness From 
Issue #22 Of Baffling Mysteries
From 1954. Art By Ken Rice,
Jay Scott Pike, Lou Cameron
And Mike Sekowsky.



  1. The Amulet of Terror seems to be a reworking of the tale "A Gentlemen of Prague" by Stephen Grendon. In the tale "A Gentlemen of Prague" a Mr. Dekrugh steals an amulet from the tomb of Septimus Halos, a sorcerer from the 1600's. The inscription on the amulet reads 'What is mine belongs to me' and the original owner reclaims his property. The sorcerer takes a cab ride to the address of Mr. Dekrugh and pays the cabby a gold coin from the 12th century Bohemia.

    The story "A Gentlemen of Prague" was originally printed in Weird Tales 1944 reprinted in Sleep No More 1944 by August Derleth, a book I purchased by chance in a thrift store.

    I wonder how many other comic tales were reworkings of horror fantasy stories.

    1. It turns out Stephen Grendon was a pen name of August Derleth, maybe that is why it ended uo in Derleth's book Sleep No More.

  2. EC comics did a few "unauthorized" reworks of Ray Bradbury tales before Ray found out. They worked things out later though,