Monday, May 28, 2018

The Ghost Gets Even

More ACG Fun From Unknown
World's #55 Published In 1967.
Art By Pete Costanza And
Gerald McCann.



  1. Unknown World's turned out some interesting tales, though their monsters tended to be B movie threats, more comical than menacing. I guess they had to tread a fine line due to the comics code.

  2. I love the B-movie monsters! This issue came out towards the end of ACG's but these books are still fun.

  3. The last small story is a reprint from AITU #106 originally entitled "The Man Who Knew!"
    The first one was great--I loved when the stupid crook fell to his death thinking he could fly off the ledge safely because he was already dead!

  4. That's funny cause I thought the first story looked like a reprint but you are right!