Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Building That Came To Life

A funky story from Boris Karloff's 
Tales of Mystery 15 Drawn by 
Reed Crandall.This issue is
 from 1966 so Reed was also 
working for Warren at the 
time doing classic stories 
for the Creepy and Eerie mags!


  1. While I love his work for Warren, and consider it the highpoint of his career, it's nice to see Crandall stretch out with a full length story. And let's not forget that in 1966 he also did some amazing work for the Edgar Rice Burroughs Canaveral Press books!

  2. The 60's were a great time for comics. Artist like Crandall, Frazetta, Kirby, Wood, Willimson were at their peak of greatness.