Friday, October 9, 2015

Tell-Tale Heart

Here's A Classic Edgar Allan Poe 
Horror Story "The Tell Tale Heart",
Illustrated By A Classic Comic 
Book Artist, Reed Crandall, 
From A Classic 1960's Horror 
Magazine, Eerie #18. Adaptation
By The Great Archie Goodwin!


  1. I've discovered at least 30 different comics versions of "THE TELL-TALE HEART" have been done over the years (so far!).

    The Reed Crandall version is #7 !!

    I'm slowly collecting, "restoring" and posting every POE comics adaptation I can find in one place. Here's the earliest version of "TELL-TALE HEART", from 1945, with art by Rudy Palais (along with links to all the other ones currently posted)...

  2. Very cool If I find different ones I will post them.