Sunday, May 26, 2019

Top To Bottom

Classic Richard Corben Art
From Issue #33 Of Vampirella
On Top To Bottom
Published In 1972.



  1. Corben did some supremely trippy comics as witnessed here. It's too bad the rights to the Warren stuff got split up so that the Dark Horse collection was... not... quite... complete. It reeaalllyy annoyed my younger brother when he bought it, but I guess I was just happy with what actually was there.

  2. I didn't know about that. So the Corben stuff wasn't in the archives?

  3. I'm referring to CREEPY PRESENTS RICHARD CORBEN (I think I have the title right) which contains all the Corben stories from CREEPY & EERIE but not something like three stories that were placed in VAMPIRELLA. There's one company that holds the rights to CREEPY & EERIE and a different company holds the rights to VAMPIRELLA, so there is or was a VAMPIRELLA archive series but it isn't or wasn't put out by Dark Horse.

  4. Oh Ok. Dynamite has the rights to Vampirella and they put out the archives. I have the Creepy Presents Berni Wrightson and Alex Toth books but not the Corben book.