Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Red Death

From "The Thing" Issue 2
Here's An Early Adaptation
Of Poe's "The Masque 
Of  The Red Death"
With Art By Bob Forgione.


  1. Thanks for posting this. Just ran across this by accident, while browsing thru your "archive" list.

    Another blog, "House Of Usher", had "Trent's Poe Comics List". He listed Marvel's SPELLBOUDN #2 (Apr'52), but no info which story might be Poe-related. A search failed to find any more info. Since Charlton's THE THING #2 is both a #2 and Apri'52, I suspect THIS is what should have been on the list, and Trent made a mistake.

    I've been working on a comprehensive, chronological collection of EVERY Poe comic I can find, starting from 1944, and as I already have a page set up for Apr'52, I can just swap out NIGHTMARE #2 for THE THING #2. Nice how some things work out.

  2. Very Cool. Sounds Like A Great Project You Are Working On. I Would Love To See The Poe Comicbook Chronology When You Are Done.