Sunday, July 27, 2014

Destination Nightmare Podcast 11: Classic Horror Movies And More

Yes We Are Back After A Long 
Absence With Another DN Podcast 
This Time Don And Morbius Go
 Back To Their B-Movie Roots 
And Talk About Classic
Horror Movies And More!

Drive In Madness

Classic Universal Horror

Classic Hammer Horror
And Sci-Fi

The Lost Continent

Kiss Of The Vampire

The Brides Of Dracula

The Ladies Of
Hammer Films:

Caroline Muro

Barbara Shelly

Madeline Smith

Valerie Leon

Stephanie Beacham

Raquel Welch

Ray Harryhausen

Planet Of The Apes

Dr Who

Kung Fu Movies

Comic Book Movies

Dubbed Movies

Subtitled Movies

Hercules Movies

 Lucha Libre

Benny Hill

Monty Python

Watching 16mm Film

And More!

Music By:

Alex Chilton

John Cale

The Kinks

Procal Harum

And Arthur Lee

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