Monday, August 29, 2016

Magicman Meets Dragonia

Published In 1965 Here's 
ACG's Forbidden Worlds #133
With Art By Pete Costanza,
Chic Stone And Ed Ashe.

 I Don't Think There
Are Any Reprints In This
Issue But I Could Be Wrong!


  1. You're right, there actually aren't any reprints in this issue--which was quite rare at this point.
    First story is fun although it's rather amusing to see Magicman's sidekick plea for the criminal to be spared mainly because she's a hot babe. I don't think Robin ever asked Batman to do that... Even more amusing- true to the comic's word, Dragonia does return in issue 138--but not to make amends from the summary I've read.
    The second story is rather sad if you ask me--space people and carnival freaks who get a rather one-sided view of humanity and never see the positive side of the picture resulting in both civilizations being unjustly destroyed.
    Last story is cute, if only friendly spirits could help out every young person who's gone astray in life. I especially dig the hag with the horns.

  2. The second story 'Whatever Did happen To Earth' is also one of the strangest stories I have ever read...but it's great!
    I miss comic books like this!