Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Man Without A Mind

From ACG's Forbidden
Worlds More Classic Tales
Of The Fantastic From 
Issue #121. Art By  John Forte
Chic Stone And Edd Ashe.



  1. The second tale is a reprint of one from AITU #23 "When Time Turned Back" but without its introduction leading into the
    original title and altered colors.

    The third tale is also a reprint from AITU #94 originally titled "A Pigeon From Greece."

    The first tale is fun and has a pleasant ending in which the hero gets his mind back for doing the right thing. The last tale started off promising but honestly got downright silly once it got to the part about the Mayor's ghost lying about.

  2. I did like the Chic Stone art on the first tale as well as the art by Ed Ashe on "The Mild Mannered Ghost'. Interesting as to how they would change the titles and some of the content of the reprint stories.

  3. There are two stories I know of that actually had changes in the story done--one of them had a completely different ending despite the art being exactly the same.