Monday, August 22, 2016

Now--Do You Know Why?

And Now More Spine-Tingling
Tales Of The Supernatural
From Charlton Comics From 
The Many Ghosts Of Dr Graves #17
Brought To You By Steve Ditko,
Jim Aparo, Don Perlin, Vince Alascia,
Charles Nicholas And Joe Gill. 



  1. Great artwork, great stories, a Charlton Gem to treasure.

    In "The Last Voyage Of The Nightingale" the Ghostly Captain was well drawn, a misty body and a skull like face, the lack of eyes or eyes that looked like the empty sockets of a skull was the macabre touch to complete the picture of an eerie seafaring spirit.
    The fisherman in the story, Carl Doran, did look a bit like the skipper from Gilligan's Island. I wonder if any other reader of Dr. Graves spotted that.

  2. The Art By Don Perlin Was Very Nice On "The Last Voyage Of The Nightingale" maybe one of his best Charlton tales. Really loved the Jim Aparo story too and the always great Steve Ditko!