Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The 10th Baron

Welcome back For Another
Winnie Wednesday Classic
From Ghostly Haunts. Here's
The 10th Baron From Issue #26 
With Art By Charles Nicholas
And Vince Alascia.
(Sorry About The Rips In
A Couple Of pages!)



  1. This was a good story portraying (albeit a bit weakly) that not all Germans were willing to follow the orders from the human monsters from Berlin.

    Winnie was drawn in a unique way, on the first page she looked like a Ditko drawing while on page five lower left panel she is drawn almost like a teenager. Her hair pointed up made her look a bit more like a wraith than a witch (I guess even witches have bad hair days)

  2. The panel of the Nazis falling off the roof is hilarious! Also, that secret sign looks a lot like a "loser" sign. XD!

  3. The first Winnie image looks like it was from a Ditko page. The artwork was nice from the team of Charles Nicholas and Vince Alascia.

    The secret sign does indeed look like a "Loser' sign. Weird.