Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Man Who Played God

More Horror From Charlton 
With Issue 59 Of Baron Weirwulf's Haunted Library. Art By 
Don Newton, Joe Staton, 
Dan Reed And John Beatty.



  1. Curiosity literally killed the cat in the first story--in the last panel you see the poor kitty's skeleton inside the living muck the professor created. Although I do love the line "Why are you pouring cereal into the flask?" That's the first time I've ever seen a scientist feed his experiment cereal. XD.
    I love the design for the sorceress in the second story.
    The third story has a nice twist with the gold merely being a lure to get rid of nasty people.

  2. The muck almost became a sort of "Cereal Killer" till they destroyed it at the end of the story!

    Bad pun I know.....

  3. All three were winners, even if the coloring was a bit off here and there in the second story.

    And now a bit of news in the area of artificial life/man made life, and no, this isn't a joke....


    The Leading Edge:
    Artificial Cells: Revealing the Secrets of Life

    I can't load the video, basically the scientist found a way to create man made cells to unlock the secrets of life. Fortunately these cells don't do anything but 'live' in petri dishes.

  4. Scary stuff this genetic engineering. I used to just read about all this stuff in comics and sci-fi magazines!