Sunday, March 26, 2017

Who's Staying In The Secret Room

Here's Issue 73 Of Ghost 
Manor Reprinting The First
Appearance of Mr Bones
From 1971 And An Early 
Steve Ditko Story From 1954.



  1. Charlton Comics, my favorite comics in my youth and today.

    Charlton Comics was like pizza, even if it wasn't the best it was always pretty good no matter what.

  2. I was just reading an in old interview with prolific Charlton writer Joe Gill and he was commenting on how Charlton paid the lowest rates in the business but the editorial staff would leave your work alone so artists and writers had the freedom to experiment and do great (and sometimes not so great) work.

  3. LOVE that very early Joe Staton story. I imagine if he saw it he'd cringe.