Saturday, June 17, 2017

Paint The Town Red

Published By Story Comics
Here's Issue #25 Of Mysterious
Adventures Published In 1955.
Art By Kurt Schaffenberger
And Richard Doxsee.


  1. 'Paint the Town Red' might have been the inspiration for the last story in the movie 'The Vault of Horror' 1973. Both feature Voodoo and an artist seeking revenge through paintings.

    'A date with Destiny' had an odd twist to it, a devil that gave a warning rather than claim Paul as a murderer.
    Maybe the devil was waiting to claim Jaques when Paul showed up and simplified his plans.
    I noticed that in the story the artist added circles around the eyes of the devil masks to make it look like each person was wearing a mask rather than just perfectly fitting the mask to the face the way some artists would do. A nice little touch of realism added that no one would have noticed if it wasn't dawn in. This is best seen on page four of the story.

    Thanks for these neat posts!

  2. I saw "Vault Of Horror" In the Theaters back in the 70's. I actually convinced my folks to take me. The First EC comics movie "Tales From The Crypt" was actually better but I have fond memories about "Vault of Horror".

    And thanks again for your great comments!