Friday, February 23, 2018


Beautiful Gray Morrow Art
On Aquacarnivora From
Monsters Attack #2 
Published in 1989.



  1. Gray Morrow did nice work for many years. Many might not know his work goes back to the 1950's.

    In particular, I like his work on a series called THE WORLD AROUND US, from 1958-1961. Morrow did work in issues 15 (PREHISTORIC ANIMALS), 18 (GREAT SCIENTISTS), 19 (THE JUNGLE), 21 (PRESIDENTS), 22 (BOATING), 23 (GREAT EXPLORERS), 24 (GHOSTS), 25 (MAGIC), 26 (CIVIL WAR), 27 (HIGH ADVENTURE), 28 (WHALING), 32 (FOR GOLD AND GLORY), and 33 (FAMOUS TEENS).
    These same issues also have nice art by the likes of Sam Glanzman, Al Williamson, Gerald McCann, plus some early issues with George Klein, and beginning with issue 30, a very atypical Jack Kirby!
    I like the earlier Morrow issues the best, particularly the Jungle safari and Africa scenes in issue 19.

    The above story somewhat resembles Morrow's work on the first Man-Thing story in SAVAGE TALES 1, 1971).
    A later better told version of Man-Thing's origin, penciled by Chaykin, and inked by Morrow, appears in FEAR 10, Oct 1972.

    I first saw Morrow's work in the early 70's in HOUSE OF MYSTERY. I always liked Morrow as one of the artists providing an alternative to the dominant superhero stuff.

    Some of the last stuff I recall him doing was work along these lines for Pacific Comics from 1982-1984, for TWISTED TALES, ALIEN WORLDS, and his own Greek mythology miniseries, EDGE OF CHAOS.

    Morrow did some nice work.

  2. I am a big fan of Morrow too. His work for Warren was outstanding as well as all the great
    paperback covers he did throughout his career.
    As a kid I bought that issue of Savage Tales
    with Man-Thing and it's a favorite.

  3. The art for this one is great. The story is too. I love the badass blind guy.

  4. Gray Morrow was one of the great comic book illustrators. Monsters Attack only ran for 5 issues but there were some cool stories in those books.