Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Cat People

From 1953 Here's Black Magic
#27 With Art By Jack Kirby
And An Early Steve Ditko Tale.


  1. I said it before and I'l say it again, they packed a lot of thrills in a comic back then, all those stories for a measly dime, talk about getting your moneys worth!

  2. Even at 12 or 15 cents comics were a great entertainment deal for kids back then. At 4 dollars today...not so much.

  3. You got a heck of a lot more for your money back then.

    Amazing how different this is from the Simon & Kirby work of the 1940's, and even from Kirby's solo "pre-Marvel" work in the 1959-1963 period (the TALES OF SUSPENSE, TALES TO ASTONISH, RAWHIDE KID, and AMAZING ADVENTURES work all out in Masterworks or Omnibus hardcovers.

    I LOVE this Hillman stuff by Simon & Kirby! Would that someone would release these BLACK MAGIC stories in Masterworks volumes, but I'm grateful just to see some of it here to read online.
    Thank you for posting it.
    STRANGE WORLD OF YOUR DREAMS by Simon & Kirby from this same era was released in hardcover in 2013, although I got it more recently. 44 of its 140 pages are Simon & Kirby.