Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Touch Of Death

From This Magazine Is
 Haunted #11 Touch Of Death 
With Art By Bob Powell. 
Published In 1953.


  1. Page two middle right panel, the image is real creepy, the faded colors just add to the eeriness of it.

    One way to end the story- a Mafia Don learns about Mudga and makes her an offer she can't refuse, she gets a quiet villa in the countryside and every so often a person the Don wants to be rid of has to go to Mudga's villa to pay their respects and shake her hand. Getting the body out is the tough part, though perhaps a robot could be deployed to take care of the aftermath.

    Another enjoyable horror thriller, Thanks!

  2. Your story idea is pretty interesting.
    I love these good old short stories. Powell's art was extra creepy on this tale. What a great artist he was.