Monday, June 11, 2018

Lincoln LIves Again

Published In 1966 More
ACG Fun From Unknown
Worlds #50 Published In 1966.
Art By Steve Ditko, Sal Trapani,
Edd Ashe And Paul Reinman.



  1. Thanks again--the first tale is definitely dated with its cold war Russian theme--but it is fun--I easily guessed that that Lincoln was a fake but I was pretty puzzled by the "revived" senator.
    The last tale is a reprint without the short introduction to it. It was originally called "The Glittering Nightmare!" and was from Forbidden Worlds #76.

  2. Yes these books are always fun and interesting. I think maybe they were trying to change the John Force series a bit.
    I am really enjoying these books a lot not every story was great but they where entertaining.