Monday, June 29, 2015

The Heart Of Jeremy Mith

From "The Many Ghosts Of
Dr. Graves" #31 Here's 
"The Heart Of Jeremy Mith" 
With Great Art By Steve Ditko!


  1. An interesting Ditko tale, great Ditko art as always, a nice twist ending too.

    I wonder how the story would have played out if the Warlock had simply placed his original body in a death like trance and the transplant been done - would he have been haunted by Baldwin Bates ghost while possessing Bates body?

    It is an interesting tale of switching bodies and identities that Ditko had done once before. I can't remember the tale, but it was a Charlton tale drawn by Ditko where two miners were searching for gold, one kills the other but the ghost of the miner comes back and rescues his murderer from freezing or starving in exchange for possessing his body.
    Once in the new body he returns to civilization only later to be arrested and jailed for murder when his old body is discovered later. Sorry I can't remember the name of the story, it was many decades ago when I read it.

  2. I will look through my scans and if I find it I will post it!

  3. I poked around the internet and found the cover of the story in question-

    Ghostly Haunts number 29 entitled "Partners"
    Later reprinted in Baron Weirwolfs Haunted Library #74.

    1. I found the issue! It will be posted next.