Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Leech

Its Time To Visit The
Ghost Manor Again From
Charlton Comics With
Art By Steve Ditko, Pat
Boyette And Pete Morisi.
Published In 1975.


  1. I'm always happy to see the Charlton material but it can be inconsistent. Not this issue, though. We get three solid stories.

    Personally I prefer PAM when his George Tuska influence is showing, like here, than when his photo references are more evident. Was the heavy reliance on photos a phase he passed through?

    This is one of the stronger art jobs Ditko did in the later days of Charlton before the reprints kicked in. This story kind of reminds me of Sanho Kim, especially with the Lorelei character, even while Ditko is always his own idiosyncratic self.

    That's a quality job from Boyette as well, with an effective meat-and-potatoes layout, laying off the fractured glass shard panels that are also fun.

    Oh yeah, I'm also happy to see the ACG stuff, too.

  2. In Ditko's 'Dreams' first page bottom panel, Rich looks a bit like Peter Parker, I wonder if Ditko was thinking of his creation when he drew the comic.

    One unanswered question, could the blonde haired blue skinned siren be the evil twin of Winnie the Witch? A mystery for the ages.

    Three Cheers for Charlton!

  3. I posted an old ACG story by Ditko a few years ago where he drew in a Dr. Strange looking character so you never know.