Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cartoonists Make Better Lovers : Bill Everett

Alright, I’ll confess… as a young man I never really appreciated the work of Bill Everett. Sure I respected the fact that he had created one of my favorite characters (i.e. the Submariner) but in a sea of talents alongside Kirby, Ditko, Colan, and Kane he came off to me as simply sort of okay. His work seemed merely serviceable to my immature eyes, no better or worse than Werner Roth or Don Heck. Part of my reaction can be blamed on the fact that I was totally infatuated with modern comic book storytelling and the “old stuff” came to be devalued from this sensibility. It took me an awful long time before I came around to truly understand the delights afforded by the medium in the Golden Age and when I finally reexamined Bill’s catalog I was blown away. Today I count Everett among my 10 favorite cartoonists and I regret that I didn’t catch on much, much sooner.

My blogpost for today is a primo example of Bill in his prime. It’s culled from LOVE DIARY issue 9 from 1950.


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