Monday, September 9, 2013

Harry's Heroes: Magno

Here is another mystery-man strip delineated by master cartoonist Harry Lucey.

The cover date is August 1940 and the magazine is an Ace publication called SUPER-MYSTERY COMICS. I ask you to step back a moment and consider a few things. It can be easy for modern viewers to look at these early, Golden Age stories and dismiss them as na├»ve, crude and simplistic. You need to realize that guys like Lucey, Tuska, Kirby, Cole and Eisner weren’t just working in comics, they were literally inventing the form during this era. Graphic stories told complete in a handful of pages were a totally new medium and these guys were experimenting in how to successfully pull this off. They laid the roadway to the comic book form we all love.

This particular tale is the second one for the Magno character who was one of the publisher’s most popular. Besides a long run in SUPER-MYSTERY, the hero was a regular in a sister title called FOUR FAVORITES. By his fourth story Magno would acquire an obligatory boy sidekick named Davey. The strip continue to run through 1945, a respectable shelf life for strips of the era.

Even in these early days, Lucey had a knack for drawing saucy women and I really dig his conception for the baddie’s rubber suits. However primitive this comic is still a lotta fun!


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