Monday, September 23, 2013

Cartoonists Make Better Lovers : Steve Ditko

Steve Ditko is most definitely NOT a cartoonist that you’d typically associate with the romance genre. His talents are much more noted for his amazing work in the fantasy, supernatural, science fiction and superhero fields. But Steve is a true pro, who is able to produce distinctive, quality work in any milieu he’s asked to do.

After he left Marvel in 1966, Ditko renewed his association with Charlton Comics as well as doing work for houses like Tower, ACG, Warren and DC. By 1969 the big superhero boom had dried up, leaving the genre to Marvel and DC, so Steve found Charlton to be his most dependable employer from 1969 through 72. Ditko produced tons of pages in their supernatural/fantasy books but also accepted some assignments with the company’s love books.

Surfing, Fishing And Kissing” appeared in the thirteenth of TIME FOR LOVE in November of 1969.

If this intrigues you be sure and search this blog using the term Ditko. You’ll find his first published comic story ever… a romance tale called “Paper Romance!”


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