Thursday, September 19, 2013

Harrys Heroes: Flash Lightning

Another super-being guided by Lucey’s skill was Ace publishing hero, Lash Lightning. He debuted in the summer of 1940 in a title called SURE-FIRE COMICS. Flash (later shortened to Lash) was granted the “power of the thunderbolt” by the ‘old man of the pyramids’, who went on to train Flash in the use of this gift. Periodically the elder would appear and give him a mission for justice. The feature was a popular one and by issue # 4 the book was retitled LIGHTNING COMICS in honor of it’s headliner. It ran 15 issues under that heading, but when that came to a halt, the strip continued on in FOUR FAVORITES until 1947.

Artistically this story is different from his Magno work from the same year. There appears (to my eyes at least) a conscious effort to ape Alex Raymond on some of the faces and particularly the cover. Being a Lucey strip there is also the obligatory ‘hot chick’ to spice things up. 



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