Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cartoonists Make Better Lovers : Ida Noh

Okay, that’s a joke name because I have no idea in the world who the artist(s) is on this gorgeous piece of comic book work. It’s been puzzling me for over a dozen years and maybe some sharp eyed reader can solve this mystery.

My Best Friend’s Guy!” comes from the pages of LOVE JOURNAL #24, a comic put out by Our Publishing in May of 1954. I came to possess it back in 1999. My boss’s wife was the executer of her cousin’s estate, a mentally challenged man who had horded a box of comics that were bought in his youth. I don’t know how the cache was stored but the vast majority were in horrible condition. Still I paid 50 bucks and took the lot. This issue of LOVE JOURNAL was in decent shape except for some intense discoloration. I really wasn’t into romance books at this time, but as I leafed through it I was blown away by the fabulous art in this story.

In a vague way the body positions and attention to detail remind me of Reed Crandall, but it lacks some of his trademarks like his ‘floating head’ panels.

I searched the GCD and DGM for info, but this comic hasn’t been indexed or sent in. Then I tried to find other comics from this publisher, in the same era to see if I might find the same artist(s), but to no avail.

I’ve attempted to color correct these images as best I can. If you do ID the art, please let us know!

*Editors Note: The Art Looks Like Mort Leav To Me.

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