Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Heroine Addiction : Arachnid Women

For some reason there appeared to be penchant for Golden Age heroines to be associated with spiders. Timely had the Black Widow ( a character name that was recycled in the Silver Age) and Fox had the Spider Queen. Today’s post will deal with two more.

Harry A. Chesler’s Dynamic Comics was a relatively small publishing concern, putting out less than 14 ongoing titles in the entire course of the 1940’s. Yet within this small number magazines, Chesler managed no fewer than six different costumed heroines! Admittedly, few of these had more than single appearance but still it was a remarkable ratio of gals to guys Probably the most bizarre of the bunch appeared in 1944 in the debut issue of MAJOR VICTORY COMICS. A native of the Ozarks, Helen Goddard puts on a weird costume to frighten and subdue a band of crooks as… Spider Woman! 

At Quality they briefly ran a strip called the Spider Widow in the pages of FEATURE COMICS. I must confess that I find the artwork particularly lovely and stylish. I’ll also note that the Japanese characters are drawn far more naturally than the majority of comics found in those days. This is her sophomore tale from FEATURE COMICS issue 58 from June 1942.


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