Friday, October 11, 2013

Frazetta Friday

Hey gang! It’s a FRAZETTA FRIDAY!

The late Frank Frazetta was a much beloved, artistic hero to a vast multitude of folks. He is arguably one of the most influential visual artists of the 20th Century. So today let’s celebrate his visionary talents by looking at some of his wonderful comic book work.

We’ll start with “Know Your America” from Prize Publications TREASURE COMICS #8 in the summer of 1946. This is among Frank’s earlier works and was in the period before he fully refined his style.


In his career at Standard Comics, Frazetta was most often called upon to make use of his gift for humorous illustration. This is a Bruno Bear story from the pages of HAPPY COMICS issue 33, circa 1949.


During the 1950’s Frank found work at Eastern Publishing, doing short pieces in NEW HEROIC COMICS. The title was an odd publication that used true-life stories of valor, performed by everyday Americans. Here are a few.


Finally we return to HAPPY COMICS, in one of my very favorite of all Frank’s comic book endeavors. ”Diamonds And Pebbles” is a unique work that blends both Frazetta’s funny and serious approaches to cartooning in a single job.


I’m sorry but you can’t tell me that’s NOT Prince Valiant on the last page! 


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