Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Adolescent Behavior : Kathy (Part 2)

In her third appearance Kathy is artistically guided by yet another hand. Again this person (or persons) are unknown. But the draftsmanship on “The Queen of the Washing Machine” is simply gorgeous. The artist(s) seem heavily influenced by the work of Will Eisner and this episode has a high quotient of ‘cheesecake’.

Moving on to one of her later appearances, in KATHY #16, we have the redheaded version. Once more the GCD has no citation for the delineator. The artwork is very modern for the period and really quite handsome. As I looked at it, I found it strangely familiar but couldn’t quite place it. Then it came to me… it reminds me a lot of Alex Toth. Toth did do several jobs for Standard Comics in this period. Could I have stumbled upon an unknown work by him? You decide for yourself.


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