Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Monsters vs Heroes: the Blue Beetle

The character known as the Blue Beetle is one of the most resilient properties in all of comics. Readers have been able to follow his adventures, via multiple personas, in every decade since the 1930’s. In the golden age version he was police officer Dan Garrett, who was frustrated by the legal niceties that hampered his efforts in his official profession. So at night he donned a bulletproof, chain mail suit and dosed himself with a custom pharmaceutical called ‘2-X vitamin’ and fought crime as a vigilante.

He was probably the most popular of the mystery men offered by Fox Publishing and found his way into other media like newspapers and radio. Today’s posting is a relatively late one for this version of BB, being published in PHANTOM LADY #13 in August of 1947. In this tale BB matches up ‘The Mummy Who Never Died”


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