Friday, January 24, 2014

Monsters vs Heroes : the Vision

Today’s post features a lesser know character by the premiere art team of the Golden Age: Simon & Kirby. The Vision debuted in MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS issue 13 in November 1940.

This mysterious supernatural being was Timely’s answer to DC’s the Spectre. In his second outing, the green man from another dimension dukes it out with a vicious werewolf! 

S&K crafted the series along for 15 adventures through MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS #27, before they jumped ship to ply their considerable talents at DC. In #22 he takes on the evil magic of Khor, the Black Sorcerer 

After Joe and Jack left, the series continued on and was guided by other creative teams clear on through issue 48. Here’s the tale from issue 36 drawn by Syd Shores where he combats an alien menace.


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