Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jocular Tales Of Anthropomorphism: Pigtales

Popular Culture owes a huge debt to the genius of cartoonist Harvey Kurtzman. He was the man that introduced irreverent, satirical humor to comics with his creation of MAD for EC Comics. Besides becoming a publishing phenomena that spawned dozens of imitations, MAD inspired innumerable talents in a variety of mediums from underground commix legend Robert Crumb to film auteur Terry Gilliam. But before Kurtzman made that great comedic leap forward, he toiled in the various studios of the Golden Age cranking out adventure strips like Mr. Risk and Black Venus. He also produced the funny animal adventures of Homer & Hickstaff over at Timely in the pages of books like ALL SURPRISE COMICS and FUNNY COMIC TUNES in his strip Pigtales.

Enjoy the early magic of Harvey Kurtzman!


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