Friday, March 14, 2014

My Heroine Addiction: The Spider Queen

In an earlier edition of MHA I made mention of a character published by Fox, the Spider Queen. Today I’d like to explore that character. Here is her first adventure, culled from the pages of THE EAGLE #2 in September 1941.

When I first saw the credit to Elsa Lesau I was excited to think I’d found another example of a female cartoonist working on an early superheroine. I was a little disappointed to find out that this was merely a penname for the art team of the Argentine brothers Louis and Arturo Cazeneuve. Individually the siblings produced artwork for many GA publishers and the strips included the Blue Beetle, the Vigilante, Red Raven, Dickie Dean, the Boy Commandos and Aquaman

I must admit that I am really attracted to the artwork on this strip. I like the bold lines and the sleek simplicity of the design and layouts. Her open-V blouse is pretty daring and it’s a good thing those sweater-pups are up to the task! I also like how her web-shooter predates Peter Parker’s by a generation.

I’ll conclude with the tale from THE EAGLE issue 4.



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