Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Mighty Champion Is Born!

From Charlton's "Mysteries
Of Unexplained Worlds" Here's
The Origin Of "Son Of Vulcan"
With Art By Tallarico And Fraccio!


  1. What a hoot these stories are. Clearly Tallarico and Fraccio wanted to evoke a Thor vibe, even down to the lame alter-ego (literally) but he fall short. I love the kinetic feel of the pages, but the figure work is complex, a bit too much so in places.

    Rip Off :)

  2. Tony Tallarico And Bill Fraccio are one of my favorite art teams of the 60's. I didn't care for much of their work at Warren but I love the superhero stories they did for Charlton especially Son Of Vulcan!

    1. And the script for Son Of Vulcan was by Pat Masulli.