Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Shetabi Legend

From 1973 Here's Issue 32 Of 
Ghostly Haunts With Art 
By Steve Ditko, Joe Staton,
Pat Boyette And Hosted
By Winnie The Witch!



  1. Great posts, I'm glad someone besides me remembers Winnie the Witch.

    Did anyone at Charlton do any pinups of Winnie the Witch? She would have made a great model for a good girl art pinup (or maybe a bad girl pinup, the lil' witch that she is...)

  2. Yeah Winnie Is My Favorite Charlton Host. I Think Steve Ditko Could Have Done A Great Winnie The Witch Pinup. It Would Be Very Cool To See A Winnie The Witch Cosplay Costume Too!

  3. It turns out someone once did, check out the last picture on this blog-