Thursday, June 11, 2015

Horror Of Dracula

From House Of Hammer #1
Here's Their Adaptation Of
"Horror Of Dracula" With
Art By Paul Neary And In
Tribute To Christopher Lee!


  1. It is indeed a fitting tribute to Sir Christopher Lee.

    Christopher Lee was lucky enough to escape the shadow of Dracula and not end up playing the vampire for the rest of his career (something Bela Lugosi was unable to do).

    He was a gifted, talented actor, his presence made almost any movie he starred in either well received by critics, a fan favorite or a cult flick popular with fans worldwide.

    His passing truly is the end of an era of the horror legends, he was without a doubt the last and greatest of the greats of horror films.

    1. I remember the first time I saw "Horror Of Dracula" on late night TV back in the early 70's and I was knocked out by the great performance of Mr. Lee as Dracula. As a Monster Kid of the 60's and 70's I had seen the images of all the classic Universal and Hammer Horror movies in Famous Monsters magazine but when the Hammer movies came on TV they were a lot more visceral, sexual, colorful and intense than the Universal Horror films and I became an instant fan of Chris Lee and of course Peter Cushing.

      Christopher Lee was the last great male horror star. We still have Barbara Steele from the classic Euro-Horror films of the 60's but it's definitely the end of an era so I think I'll be watching some Hammer Horror movies this weekend in his honor!